Property Management FAQ 

Have questions about renting a property in Portland, Oregon or surrounding areas? You’ve come to the right place. 

How much can I get for my vacancy?

Each property is different, but we will do the work behind the scenes to ensure your property is rented quickly at a competitive price. We will conduct a Rental Market Survey of your area, comparing average rental rates in your area. We handle the research to determine the best price for your vacancy, as well as handling inquiry calls, emails, and managing all of the listings.  

What liabilities do I have? Can you help protect me? 

Ensuring that your property is compliant with Oregon housing law and that you are adequately protected from unforeseen incidents or conditions on the property is important. We can advise you on recommended limits for your individual situation based on feedback from your insurance company. 

Who will be handling my property?

You will be assigned one of our property management experts who will be your liaison between tenants, maintenance, and who is available to you by appointment at any time. Your agent will conduct annual inspections, leak checks, photography, and will provide you with an annual written report on your rental. 

How do you screen potential tenants?

All tenants must first undergo a credit check  to ensure reasonable payment history and no outstanding or delinquent accounts. If they pass the credit screening, we will verify their previous addresses and in some cases contact the owners regarding their tenancy. We will also verify employment and income levels, and run a criminal background check.  We do not approve applications until all questions have been completed to our satisfaction.  You can take a look at our screening requirements.

Do you offer a discounted rate if I have more than one rental property?

We can offer discounts for properties with multiple units and we can offer discounts if you only have specific needs and not our full compliment of services.

How and when can I expect to receive my monthly statement?

You can access statements and information about your property online through our owner portal login. We will also email you a PDF statement during the middle of the month after rents are collected, when we send out rental income.

How do you market your rental properties in Portland?

Our free marketing campaign for your property includes; professional photos of your property, we pay to post an ad for your property to a variety of websites, and can put sign in your front yard for people to call us directly.  Our extensive knowledge of Portland and its many neighborhoods allows us to highlight the benefits unique to your property. We also target our marketing to attract long term tenants.

What length of lease do you recommend?

We recommend that all new leases be for at least a year. This keeps costs down to maximize your ROI. Asking tenants to sign a year lease or longer also pre-selects tenants that have a more stable situation.

What information do you request from a tenant applicant?

Our background check screens each potential tenant in the following categories:

  • Employment verification

  • Rental history

  • Credit check

  • Public record search

  • Criminal background check

  • Income verification

Do you hold funds in reserve?

All accounts are required to maintain a reserve amount. This is to cover any charges or maintenance bills that might be incurred when we do not have rents to cover those costs. The amount is determined by mutual agreement and is normally $300.00 or more.

Do you charge a monthly management fee if my property is vacant?

No, we only charge fees when your investment is making you money. Our goal is to fill vacancies and turn over tenants as quickly as possible.

Do you charge an extra fee if you need to evict a tenant?

No, we work hard to screen tenants before we place a tenant to avoid this scenario. However, if there is an eviction that takes place, while we don’t charge any extra fees, any court or legal fees associated with an eviction are paid by the property owner.

How do you keep me updated about my tenants and rental property?

Our website lets you log in to your own personal account to view data and reports about your properties. We will also be in contact with you through email and phone. We will try to tailor our contact to your preferences, we know some people like to be more involved and hands on while other people have hired us so they can spend their time and thoughts on other matters.

What geographical areas are covered under your Portland rental property management services?

We cover the greater Portland Metro Area, and while our focus and niche is the east side, we also serve west Portland, Tigard, Tualatin, Beaverton, Gresham, Milwaukie, Gladstone, Oregon City, and Happy Valley.

What is the fee structure for your property management services?

For full service property management we have no upfront costs, we don’t get paid till you do! We charge 8% of rent per month. We have a new tenant placement fee of, 50% of the first months rent with a cap at $1,200. This means for us to place a tenant, never costs more than $1,200 and we have no additional monthly costs above the 8% of the rental income. We do offer some discounts for properties with multiple units or if you want specific custom services.

When can I expect to get paid my rent proceeds?

We set all our rents to be due on the 1st of the month however, Oregon Law gives tenants a 4 day graced period on rents. That means we can not start charging late fees until the 5th of the month. The e-pay options we have for rent collection and rent disbursement usually take a couple days to go through.  You can expect that rents that have been paid to us on time will be in your bank account on the first business day after the 10th  of the month, if not earlier.

How is maintenance handled?

We have a maintenance person on staff who will respond to all maintenance requests. Tenants can create work requests through our website, or get in touch with us directly through phone or email. We believe that the best way to maintain the value of your property is to encourage tenants to report issues early and then respond to them quickly.  As the owner you will be notified of issues over an amount you specify otherwise we will take care of the problem out of incoming rents or your reserve.

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